About Us

The Southern Ontario Training Group (SOTG) is a small group of people whose members have been working together since 1986. The group’s mission is to ensure that the theory of Social Role Valorization is taught systematically throughout Southern Ontario. Members believe that Social Role Valorization (SRV) is essential, especially in our current social climate. It helps to raise consciousness about personal and societal values in relation to people who are devalued and offers a framework for the development of strategies to address social devaluation.

The Southern Ontario Training Group has no budget and no staff. All group members participate in planning, organizing, and conducting courses, working in partnership with agencies that provide service to people who are devalued. Typically, each year, we offer at least two four-day SRV workshops and one PASSING course, as well as sponsoring other SRV-related events (including workshops presented by Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger).

Besides teaching SRV theory, the group actively carries out a systematic leadership development process aimed at increasing the training capacity by developing new leaders and trainers and supporting citizens who are willing to take a stand on behalf of people who are devalued. SOTG works in collaboration with Dr Wolf Wolfensberger and the North American SRV Training, Development and Safeguarding Council.