PASSING Workshops

The PASSING (Program Analysis of Service Systems’ Implementation of Normalization Goals) workshop is a follow-up to the Social Role Valorization (SRV) course. Through visits to services and interviews with participants, staff, families, and Board members, the PASSING workshop emphasizes the impact of services on the lives of their recipients. This workshop is an opportunity to work with the ideas of SRV to craft a vision of good service, and is particularly helpful for those designing services and/or assessing service quality. The work of this course is done in teams; each team will visit a residential and a ‘day’ service, such as a vocational program school, or a recreational service, meeting service recipients and conducting interviews with staff and administrators. The event involves extensive personal reflection and analysis, group meeting, and thought provoking discussion. A past participant said after this workshop “when I go back to work, I won’t be the same.”

Those attending PASSING must have first attended an SRV course. To create a focused, reflective atmosphere, this workshop is intentionally designed to be an intensive experience, with both long days and nighttime work. You can expect to work well past dinner each night.

No workshops are scheduled at this time.