Social Role Valorization (SRV) Articles

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An Overview of Social Role Valorization

By Joseph Osburn 2006.

In this updated article, the author gives a basic introduction of the theory of Social role Valorization (SRV), incorporating the latest developments in SRV made by Wolfensberger since 1998. The article covers the major goals of SRV, and gives a brief history of its conceptual development. The article also includes a short bibliography for further reading. Some of the Universal “Good Things of Life” Which the Implementation of Social Role Valorization Can be Expected to Make More Accessible to Devalued People By Wolf Wolfensberger, Susan Thomas and Guy Caruso

The International Social Role Valorization Journal, 2(2), 12-14 1996. People who fill valued roles in society are vastly more likely to attain the things that society values, or to have others accord these to them, than people who do not fill valued roles. There has been much de facto consensus in human history as to what constitutes ‘the good life.’ The following article lists some of those things, which constitute the ‘good life,’ and connects these to valued social roles.

An SRV Look at Volunteering in a Food Pantry

By Marc Tumeinski

SRV-VRS: The International Social Role Valorization Journal, 5(1 & 2), 72-74. An SRV based analysis of volunteering at a neighborhood food pantry, including a description of the pantry, its strengths and weaknesses, and some recommendations.