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Date(s) - February 8, 2022 - March 3, 2022
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Host: The Southern Ontario Training Group
Presenters: Jo Massarelli, Jack Yates, Marc Tumeinski, Linda Higgs and Bill Forman
Dates and Times: 1 – 4 p.m. E.S.T., on Tuesdays and Thursdays from February 8 – March 3, 2022 (With optional one-hour discussion sessions at noon on the following days: February 14, February 23, February 28, & March 4, 2022)

Description: Public policy that has threatened the lives of people with physical and mental impairments and other devalued people is not a new, or even a modern concept. However, the legitimizing of methods and policies that result in the deaths of people in today’s world is unprecedented.

Life-Threatening Public Policy is an eight-part lecture series designed to explore contemporary
examples of deathmaking through public policy, to describe them as a pattern contributing to the vulnerability of people with impairments, and to call participants to careful reflection and to
positive action. This is a course designed for anyone interested in defending the lives of people with impairments, especially for those willing to consider that ours is a society which is prepared to do away with those it devalues.

The participant in this series will be invited to:

Appreciate the vulnerability of impaired and devalued people to having their lives abbreviated.

Consider the connections among all forms of life-threatening public policy.

Consider examples of means to oppose life-threatening public policies.

#1 A Lesson From History: The German Euthanasia Program and Its Echoes in Our Own Day

#2 Social Devaluation and the Killing Thought: Common Life Experiences of Human Service Recipients
and How This Contributes to Their Deaths

#3 The Values of Modernism and the Contemporary Culture of Death

#4 Structural Violence in Contemporary Society

#5 An Exploration of Violence in Human Service with a Focus on Restraint as a Human Service Technique

#6 Materialized Medicine

#7 Euthanasia versus Good End of Life Care

#8 Conclusion: Standing in Contradiction to the Culture of Death

Fees: $390.00 in CAD funds
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Gareth Lloyd at glloyd@comlivos.on

LTPP 2022 series description

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