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Date(s) - May 3, 2020 - May 8, 2020
All Day

Monte Carlo Inn

 Introductory PASSING Workshop co-sponsored by the Southern Ontario Training Group (SOTG), Community Living Ontario and Brampton Caledon  Community Living

Dates and times:Sunday, May 3, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. to Friday, May 8, 2020 at  approximately 1:30 p.m.(Registration at 7:00 p.m., first session at 7:30 sharp)

Location: Monte Carlo Inn (Brampton)     

Fees:$575.00 until March 3, 2020  ($625.00 after March 3, 2020)

NOTE: Previous attendance at a four-day Social Role Valorization workshop is a prerequisite for this PASSING workshop.

Description of Workshop:   PASSING is an instrument based on Social Role Valorization (SRV) theory that provides a framework for analyzing formal and informal service practices for devalued people. During this workshop participants use  PASSING to observe and analyze two different human service programs.  The workshop provides an opportunity for participants to build on what they have learned in the SRV workshop they will have attended previously and to deepen their understanding of devaluation and of how the promotion of valued social roles may enable people who are disabled or devalued to experience “the good things of life”. This is a very intensive workshop, with long days and a number of very late nights.  While past PASSING participants report that this is one of the most demanding workshops they have attended, they also report that they appreciate its intensity and find it to be one of the most engaging and memorable workshops they have attended.

Workshop format:  After a plenary session on Sunday evening, most of the work takes place in small teams of approximately six people plus a team leader (who has had previous PASSING experience).  Each team visits two different formal human service programs (e.g. a group residence, school program, adult day support program, shelter, etc.). These study visits include a lengthy interview with the program managers along with time spent meeting the service users and observing the program.  Following this, the team engages in a lengthy and intensive process through which they seek to understand how the program is experienced by the service users and how various service practices contribute to (or impede) the development of valued social roles. The team meets on the final morning to reflect on their workshop experience .  At the final plenary session, team leaders share their teamsfindings with the larger group, enabling all participants to more fully appreciate some of the broader issues pertaining to services for devalued people.  There is also the opportunity to clarify PASSING issues, to engage in some reflection on universality of devaluation, to learn about resources and upcoming events, and to provide feedback about the workshop and its potential impact.

Who this workshop is intended for:   The workshop is relevant to people who are interested in understanding the life experiences of those who are devalued or at risk of devaluation for reasons that include (among others)  intellectual impairments, physical impairments, mental disorders, old age, homelessness, poverty, etc.  Participation is welcome from human service workers, managers, family members, service users, advocates, board members and others.  This PASSING workshop is a leadership-oriented event; it attracts those who have been inspired by their previous exposure to SRV theory, who are prepared  for an intellectually challenging experience, and who want to bring about change.

The workshop leaders:

Judith Sandys (Senior Trainer):  Judith’s 35 + years of experience with Social Role Valorization have included human service management, teaching, research, writing,, advocacy and consulting.  During her 26 year career at Ryerson University,, Judith held a variety of roles including, among others, being a faculty member in the School of Social Work and Dean of the Faculty of Community Services., and Associate Vice President, Academic.  Judith is a founding member of the Southern Ontario Training Group as well as a member of the the North American SRV Council,

Bill Forman (Floater): Bill has been involved in SRV and related training for over 30 years. He is a founding member of the  Alberta Safeguards Association, a voluntary group the supports such training.  He has worked  in a variety of capacities: Teacher, adult educator, support worker, advocate, community developer. He retired recently from the position of Executive Director at Progressive Alternatives Society, a position which he had held for 14 years, until his recent retirement.  as well as a member of the North American SRV Council.

Please contact Susana York at  susanay@bramptoncaledoncl.ca for any questions regarding this workshop.

PASSING Workshop May 2020